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What is TCHN?

TCHN is the cornerstone of Tachain ecosystem - the element that allows it to function properly, effectively and transparently.

  • Base currency for TMARQ exchange;
  • Fuel for advertising platform AdNet (will be needed by advertisers to upload their content on AdNet and provide it to users of Tachain);
  • Allows users to earn by watching targeted ads;
  • Can be spent inside Tachain ecosystem (paying for transportation and accomodation services, as well as can be used on entertainment platform);
  • Can be exchanged to any other crypto or fiat on TMARQ, as well as on external exchanges;
  • Investment tool with big upside potential due to natural demand for it.

Tachain Ecosystem

Transportal AdNet Exchange Exchange Exchange TMARQ Customer Transport corporation Advertisers

TCHN value proposition

TCHN is the base cryptocurrency for TMARQ and all the transactions inside the exchange will be done via TCHN.

TMARQ will allow people to exchange fiat into any crypto in a matter of seconds with zero fees and commissions.
Such mechanism provides huge demand for TCHN in short, medium and long term.

TMARQ is going to become competitor to fiat-to-crypto exchanges like Coinbase & bitcoin revolution platform. Having zero-fee exchange options, as well as bonus and affiliate system for its users, Tachain is planning to attract a lot of users in a short period of time and with significant increase in daily trading volume, the price of TCHN coin is going to soar rapidly. Additional use of TCHN inside other elements of Tachain ecosystem will push the price and market capitalization even higher.

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Transportal Users

  • 30 % discounts for public transportation
  • Up to 25% discounts on fares and flights
  • Get free access to rich entertainment platform
  • Earn up to 10$/hour by watching targeted ads

TMARQ Traders

  • Exchange with high liquidity
  • Wide range of trading pairs (fiat to crypto and vice versa)
  • Zero fees and commissions
  • High leverage options
  • Technical analysis support
  • Recent fundamental news and statisticis
  • Comprehensive bonus and affiliate system

AdNet Advertisers

  • Access to wide international user base
  • Smart AI-based campaign management
  • Effective targeting tools and options
  • High and measurable ROI

Cloud technology

Enables ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared resources


Wherever a manual trust is required, this technology can play a major role

Machine learning

Algorithms can learn from data without relying on programming

Big data

Large data sets that may be analysed to reveal patterns and trends

Smart contracts

Digitally facilitate, verify or enforce the performance of a contract


Used as a form of identification and access control

Predictive analytics

Analyze current data to make predictions about futur

AI Targeting

Intelligent decision making when targeting users with ads

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Our Team

Demetrius Vallas(Ezaus)
Stan Atamancuks
Eric Van Loon
Thayne Swindell
Marcel Hess
Marketing Manager
Claude Chi
South Korea and Asia
Marcus Grabmüller
Social Media Specialist
Cyril Ibude
Community Manager
Khaya Maloney
Chen SiYuan
Marketing Specialist
Kyomin Kim
Marketing Director TAT
Brian Condenanza
ICO Bench Expert & Cryptopreneur
Giovanni Casagrande
Blockchain & ICO Expert
Arpit Sharma
Director of Technology at Xera
Shameer Thaha
Director IXFocus
Petr Myachin

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